Bone – Start with the conclusion and end at the beginning.

n130605Title: Bone

Author:  Fae Myenne Ng

This book was a little hard for me to get into, due to the fact that it goes backwards.  It starts with the conclusion and ends with the beginning , if that makes any sense.  It took me 5 chapters to get into the book and it was great to read.  I thought that the book was moving, sweet, and nicely written.

This book follows three sisters Leila, Ona, and Nina.  Leila is narrating the story.   This book is basically about figuring out why Ona, the middle sister, decided to commit suicide by jumping off a building.  It reveals in the first chapter that Ona has committed suicide and as each chapter goes by, we get closer and closer to figuring out why she did.  It’s kind of like playing a puzzle game, each piece gets you closer and closer to figuring out what the picture is going to look like and that’s how the book is kind of interpreted with Ona’s death.  This book also features the relationship problems of Mah and Leon.  Leon is Leila and Ona’s stepfather and Nina’s real dad.  Mah and Leon have a lot of complications going on in their relationship that affect the lives of the three sisters.

I thought that the book was good and it gave me more insight on the Chinatown in San Francisco.  I really liked how some the of the writing in the book would always go back to the title.  This book was interesting and I recommend people to read it.

–Friyad, Columbia, Teen Blogger

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