The First Goat on Mars

Editor’s Note: Camilla, a 19-year-old intern at 826 Seattle, has selected some excellent work that 826 students are producing this summer to share with us on Push To Talk.  

Camilla’s Note: This piece is from a long-running collaboration with the Puget Sound Goat Rescue. Students went on a field trip where they met and observed the goats, and later turned those experiences into talk show—style interviews. This is one of those interviews.


By Miles R.


INTERVIEWER:  Hello, everybody!  Today, I am proud to present to you Scooby, the first goat on Mars!

SCOOBY:  Thank you, everybody, thank you!

The applause fades, then ceases.

INTERVIEWER:  We understand NASA sent you to test soil and atmosphere on the red planet.  How was it up there?

SCOOBY: Peaceful.  But no alder leaves to munch on, and no one to play with.

INTERVIEWER:  Was the launch scary?

SCOOBY:  Very!  When the engines launched, it smashed me against my seat.  When we where breaking the atmosphere, it heated up like a frying pan, and rattled like a rattlesnake.  When we reached space, the gravity change threw me into the air and my horns got stuck on the ceiling, and it took me ten minutes to get out, and even longer to repair the ceiling!  But that’s the way it goes.

SCOOBY sighs; it sounds like a bleat.

INTERVIEWER:  Exciting!  Did you send out any space probes?



SCOOBY:  Five, but only four came back.

Whistling noises begin, then the sound of an explosion. Sirens start.

SCOOBY:  Oh, there it is!  Well, I need to go to lunch!

INTERVIEWER:  It’s been nice having you here.

SCOOBY:  It’s been nice being here. Goodbye!



Miles is a fifth grader at Lincoln Elementary.  He is an aspiring novelist and Lego designer.  His most goat-like qualities are that he is energetic and likes to play.

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