The No-Stress Zone!

The No-Stress Zone Welcomes You!

Whether you’re in middle school or high school, you’re most likely going to have at least one stress per week:

A biology test on Wednesday, but you haven’t even read the chapter yet; a book report on Pride and Prejudice due in a week but you’re not half-way done with the novel yet; a project in history about the Revolutionary War due in two weeks, but you’re not sure what happened first, the Stamp Act or the Currency Act?

Before you freak out, there’s a not-so-secret secret that I wanna share with you:  You can prevent stress before it happens, or reduce the amount of stress you have!  Before you start wondering how, let me introduce you to The No-Stress Zone, a brand new addition to Push to Talk.

The main goal of The No-Stress Zone is to help middle school and high school students manage their time, teach them study and test taking tips, organizational advice, as well as how to improve and maintain good grades.

Just remember, if you’re gonna read this, you can’t stress, because it’s The No-Stress Zone!

–Advice by Mia, 18, Teen Blogger, West Seattle 

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