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terror birdEditor’s Note: Camilla, a 19-year-old intern at 826 Seattle, has selected some excellent work that 826 students are producing this summer to share with us on Push To Talk.

Camilla’s Note: This story was inspired by a trip to Seattle’s Burke Museum and an actual prehistoric terror bird, which is here transplanted into modern New York City.  It’s a fun mix of history, science, and fiction.


By Owen

Once there was a yellow and red 12-foot tall terror bird. He built a time machine.  The terror bird could eat 1 billion people in one bite.

Finished!” cried the terror bird.  The terror bird jumped into the time machine.  The time machine malfunctioned.  The terror bird landed head first on the Statue of Liberty.  The terror bird went to the scientist center.  There was a guy named Harpo at the scientist center.

The terror bird was hungry.  It saw a little thing on the sidewalk.  It was a 7-foot-wide human in busy New York City.  Chomp!  The terror bird ate up the 7-foot wide human. “Yummy.  I want more.”

The terror bird ate everyone in New York City as they fled.  Well, not quite everyone in New York City.  It ate all of the USA.  Soon everyone but Harpo has been chomped.  Harpo went to the burger place and the people had been chomped inside.  Soon he discovered that everyone on the face of the earth had been eaten.  Harpo found DNA and took it to his lab.  He found out that it was a terror bird from what we know as Russia.  It had made a time machine.  He found the time machine at the Statue of Liberty.  He went there.  He took the time machine and went back 3 hours and everyone was back on planet Earth.  The terror bird appeared and Harpo vaporized it with his vaporizer.

I am a hero, thought Harpo.

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