Phoenix Island – Fast paced and fun, but not incredible.

phoenixTitlePhoenix Island

AuthorJohn Dixon

Summary:  Carl is a sixteen-year-old orphan who has been moved to almost every state in the U.S. due to his willingness to fight bullies where others shy away. Given the choice between going to prison and going to a military style boot camp called “Phoenix Island” he chose the latter, but there may be much more to Phoenix Island than first meets the eye.

Gut Reaction:  Fast paced and fun, but not incredible.

Why:  This book is fast paced, and in general a fun book, but the plot line except for a couple of plot twists is pretty obvious. Despite this and the slow start, it is very easy to get caught up in the fast-paced plot of this book. My one other complaint about the book is that once you get past all of the subterfuge, all of the characters other than Carl and Octavia are all really the embodiments of a certain type of person and have very little depth, and even the two aforementioned are not terribly deep. Despite this, the book has a very fun writing style and will keep you interested throughout.

Who Would Like This Book:  Adolescent boys would enjoy this book (11+) and anyone who enjoys really fast paced story lines, and if you like sci-fi and action you should probably give it a chance.

–Samuel, Greenwood, Teen blogger


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