The No-Stress Zone: Organizational Methods, Tips, and Advice for Your School Bag!

waitthehomeworkWelcome back to The No-Stress Zone! Today I will be helping you organize something that is a necessity for school: your school bag.

Whether you carry a regular two-strap backpack, a messenger bag, or a tote bag, keeping your school bag organized and as clutter free as possible will help you quickly find a pencil for when your science teacher surprises you with a pop quiz, keep your money your safe for when you wanna buy a quick bagel before school, or help you find the book report you spent almost two weeks slaving over.

The Regular Backpack
Most students carry a two-strap backpack for school, which (in my opinion) is the most functional type of bag to carry your books and supplies in. A backpack usually comes with 1 or 2 large main pockets that can be used to carry binders, folders, or textbook, 1 or 2 smaller pockets that can be used to carry personal necessities such as money, and a mesh pocket on the side to carry a water bottle.

A backpack is big enough to store a decent amount of books and supplies without becoming too heavy on your back, so I reccemond using a regular two-strap backpack with the binder method of organzing your school papers (for more information on different types of ways to organize your school papers, check out The No-Stress Zone: Organizational Methods, Tips, and Advice). Of course, pick whichever method you prefer (as well as which one your teacher prefers) for organizing your school papers.

– The 1st large main pocket can be used to store binders and/or folders, and textbooks.
– The 2nd large main pocket can be used to store your pencil pouch and smaller books as an assigned reading book for class or dictionary, and calculator.
– One of the smaller pockets can be used to store personal necessities such as your phone or camera, a small pouch for money, and personal necessities.
– The other smaller pocket can be used to store your other school supplies such as flashcards.
– The side mesh pocket can be used to store your water bottle or any other drink you prefer.

The Messenger Bag
A messenger bag is a one shoulder strap that is kind of like a backpack for it has multiple pockets to store your belongings. The messenger bag, however, does have a few pros and cons: it makes it easier for you to quickly grab a book or pencil from your bag so you don’t have to take it off, but it can cause some neck problems.
-A messenger bag usually comes with one large main pocket and one smaller, thinner pocket inside the actual bag itself, or on the back.
—> The large main pocket can be used to store books, folders, notebooks, etc (anything you use in class everyday).
—> The thinner inside pocket can be used to store a tablet (if you bring one to school), your planner or personal journal and anything else you use a productive tool.
—> If your messenger bag has zipped pocket on the back of it, you can use this to store things you don’t need or use often such as flyers you want to keep for school events, or anything you prefer.
-A messenger bag may also come with one or two side mesh bags.
—> You can use this to store a bottled drink, or a pen or pencil for easy access.
-A messenger bag may also come with a few smaller pockets on the front.
—> These pockets can be used to store your headphones, phone, post-it notes, personal items, or anything your prefer.

The Tote Bag
A tote bag is popular among female students for its fashionable style. Although I don’t think it’s the most practical when it comes to school, please use anything you prefer.
A tote bag is a large purse that is made in various colors and patterns as well as fabrics (leather, suede, or cotton).
My best tip would be to not keep all your books, folders, and notebooks in your bag. If you have a locker, I would suggest using it to store your supples to reduce the weight on your neck and backpack.
The totebag usually has only one large main pocket with a few front, side, or inside pockets.
-The main pocket should be used to store your books, notebooks, folders, as well as your pencil bag. You should also store your bottled drink in this pocket.
-If your bag comes with a few pockets that are either inside, on the side, or in the front, you can use these to store personal items, your phone, headphones, or a few pencils or pens for easy access.

I hope this post was able to help you organize your school bag!
Our desk: We use it to study, read and do homework. How can we keep it organized and neat? The No-Stress Zone will tell you how but only on The Seattle Public Library’s Push to Talk blog!

–advice by Mia, 18, teen blogger

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