Hero – Fluffy, fun, action. Unusual queer literature.


Title: Hero
Author: Perry Moore

Summary:  In a world full of superheroes, Thom appears as any average teenager—busy playing basketball, going to school, volunteering, and working.  But as much as Thom appears normal, he’s started to develop powers.  While most people would take this as a blessing, Thom considers it a curse, as his former-superhero father was ostracized due to a botched mission that killed hundreds of bystanders.

Soon, though, Thom is using his powers as part of a team of other superheroes, each with their own secrets and problems.  Unfortunately, being a hero isn’t the only thing he’s hiding from his father — Thom is gay, a fact that threatens to rip his whole life apart.

Six Word Review: Fluffy, fun, action. Unusual queer literature.

How Many Stars Would You Give This Book:  6.5/10 stars.  I liked this book.  It was a fun, light read.  Thom was a great narrator and the story written in a way that not only got readers interested but kept them engaged in the story.  However, it wasn’t a book with a ton of substance, so while it was good for what it was, don’t expect anything else.

I Started This Book Because: I needed something else to read and a librarian recommended it.

I Kept Reading Because: the story kept me involved.  There was plenty of action and enough character development to keep readers interested.

If Thom Were Stuck On a Deserted Island: Thom would immediately try to find ways off of the island using his powers, and presuming he was with his team of fellow superheroes, they could work together: Thom could keep everyone in good health and injury free, Scarlet could burn away the water, and Larry could offer protection, to name a few skills at their disposal.

Who Would Like This Book: people who like action/adventure books or movies, superhero books or comics. It also may appeal to those interested in queer lit, but one would have to like adventure stories because that takes up most of the plot.

This Book Reminds Me of: comic books—the superheroes are right out of a Marvel or DC comic or movie.  In addition, it reminds me of The Lightning Thief, in that there is a character realizing and learning to use and control their powers.

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes you’re called upon to make a split-second decision to do the right thing, defining which way your life will go. These are the decisions that make you who you are.”

Additional resources:
Unfortunately, there are not many resources, most likely because the author, Perry Moore, died in 2011 at age 39.  However, there is a charity set up for college funds in his name by his lifelong partner, Hunter Hill, and here is more information.

–Emma, Greenwood, Teen Blogger


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