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Fall Bucket List!


North Cascades in Autumn…Mt. Baker!

Leaf art:  Check out this book from the library for fun ideas.

Go hiking before it gets cold: Some ideas from Washington Trails Association.

Visit the Arboretum.

Host a pumpkin carving party.

corn maze

Star Wars Corn Maze!

Go to a corn maze.

Listen to some ghost stories.

Have a picnic at a park.

Halloween at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Bonfire with marshmallows.

Chocolate Festival

Go to a school sporting event.

Zombie Run

Drink or make apple cider.

Volunteer/donate to a food bank.autumn

Rollerblade around Greenlake.

Take a picture of a colorful tree & send it to a friend.

Decorate your locker for fall.

Bake something yummy.

Send something to a sibling or friend at college.

Run the Green Lake Gobble.

For a comprehensive list of events, festivals, etc. check out:

–RuthMabel, Greenwood, Teen Blogger