My Summer of Volunteering: Kevin

SWTA group of teens spent their summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library in addition to the rest of their obligations. Now Kevin tells us what he really thought about his volunteer experience assisting with programs, planning a program for other teens, and helping out their librarians while juggling All City Marching Band, and a busy social life!

Kevin, what did you think about volunteering at the Southwest Branch this summer?

I must say that this summer has probably been my busiest summer of my life! Besides volunteering at the library, I also had a lot of other things going on, such as Seattle schools All City Marching Band and quinceria practices. All city practices were Tuesday-Thursday from 6:30-9:00 (if you did drum majoring you meet up at 6:00) so 3 days a week I had practice for 3 hours and parade events were mostly on the weekend.

At first I only volunteered at the library because my mom wanted me to do service hours, but then as time passed by I no longer thought of it as working for something I need. I thought of it as working for something I love! Being able to help out the community has really made a difference in my life. With All City I had been happy to play and give the community the great performance they deserved to see. Now being able to help out at the library also helps my life.  As a drum major I have learned that it’s not just the way one twirls a baton around, anyone can learn how to do that, but being a drum major helps you learn to be honest, to have integrity, to show responsibility and leadership. This is all learned in All City.  We can take it back to our schools and show everything that we learn, which is not just twirling a baton, but who the person twirling it really is inside. At the end of every practice we always have a chant:

Who are we?


What’s the word?


And what do we do!?


That word pride. I put that into everything I do.  Jon, the drum major teacher, has always said that the way you act, the way you walk and talk and show yourself, not just here but everywhere, truly shows who you are as a person. That’s why I always like to say, Actions are stronger than words. This is why I’m truly thankful to have been able to help out at The Seattle Public Library, it has been a pleasure to work here and I will continue doing so.  To anyone out there that needs a place for volunteering or a place you want to get a job,  I would totally recommend the library, it is fun, it is peaceful, and you get to meet amazing new people.

I tell you from experience that I was nervous at first and not too excited about working, but now every day I have to come in and work, I am very happy and excited! It’s truly been great working with everyone in the library. Not to mention my super awesome nice boss Cheresse always makes me feel welcomed at work!

I’d say the teen program that happened on 8/1 [The Extravagant Gaming Tournament planned by Teen Volunteers]was a complete success! I think everything turned out well! And if there was one thing I’d fix in the teen program it would be more food and beating Troy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl this time.

SWT–Kevin, Southwest, Teen Blogger

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