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Little Brother: Hackers vs. the government

Little-BrotherTitle: Little Brother

Author: Cory Doctorow

Summary: Marcus is a tech-savvy high school student in San Francisco who, one day, with his friends Darryl, Vanessa, and Jose, all leave school early to play an online game with real-life components. However, as they are playing, a terrorist attack occurs and explosions go off in the city. While they run to safety, they are taken by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), for possibly having connections with the attack. After days of interrogation and questioning, all but Darryl are released. Marcus then sets out to “take revenge” against the DHS for the unfair and illegal treatment he and his friends suffered. He leads many other youth who also are outraged by the treatment, and the book then follows the “battle” between the DHS and Marcus’ group.

I started reading the book because: The idea and usage of technology appealed to me. In addition, the characters are all in high school, dealing with high school issues, so aspects of the book were very relatable. Also, there is a lot of action and dialogue throughout the book, which kept me interested and turning the page one after the other as the story progressed. The themes and motifs under fire in this book (freedom and rights) are also interesting to think about.

Six Word Recap: Hacker Group Faces Off Against DHS (Department of Homeland Security)

Overall, this is an action-packed and thrilling novel to read and enjoy. Technology, hacking, and more are all combined together into a wonderful book guaranteed to keep you captivated throughout the story. If you enjoyed reading this book, be sure to check out Doctorow’s book titled “Homeland”, the sequel to this book. Enjoy!

–Mathew, Lake City Teen Blogger