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Dylan’s Dance Floor: Inspiration and a Crash Course, Ballet-Style

kathrynmorgandanceIf you are in any size shape or form involved in ballet, I most highly recommend that you chasé right on over to Kathryn Morgan’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/Tutugirlkem). Morgan followed the path of a prodigy during her youth. She moved to New York when she was 15 to train at the School of American Ballet, and joined New York City Ballet just two years later at the age of 17. After being cast in several leading roles to critical acclaim, she was promoted to soloist, again just two short years after she joined the company. But this prodigious path diverged when she was diagnosed with a very complex and devastating thyroid condition. This forced her to leave New York City Ballet.

However, this diagnosis does not make her a pitiful character. In fact, it is what makes her so inspiring. After she received the right medication for her condition, she started intensive training to get back on the stage, even though many told her that that would never happen. It is when she talks about how she threw caution to the wind and did whatever it took to get back dancing that I am inspired. You can hear the resilience in her voice, and you just know that she will be back very soon. Continue reading