My Summer of Volunteering: Jesse

SWTA group of teens spent their summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library. This is Jesse’s second summer volunteering for the library.  Now he tells us what he really thought about his volunteer experience assisting with programs, planning a program for other teens, and helping out their librarians!


Jesse, what did you think about volunteering at the library this summer?

When I volunteered last summer, I was, for the most part, just an extra pair of hands. I was someone who catered to the odds and ends of the library whenever I happened to be around. While that was a great experience that I do not regret at all, it never really felt like I was part of the library. This year, I had the chance to a part of a larger project. Me and a small group of other volunteers organized and executed an event that we knew people of our age group would enjoy and be excited about. Alas, I was not able to see the final product first hand due to my unfortunate vacation schedule. But I still feel a strong sense of gratification knowing that I was a part of an organized event that hopefully made a small impression on the library and community.

Whenever I get home from a volunteer shift at the library, I always find myself in a good mood (except for that time I stubbed both big toes on the way down the stairs, that was ridiculous). What I’m pretty sure makes me feel this way is the children’s section. Whenever I glance over at that floor area I see so much enthusiasm in those kid’s faces, it makes me feel hopeful for the future of the human species at a whole. In fact, now that I think about it, there’s not one thing in this library that brings me down or depresses me. When I look around I see people eager to learn, people with lust for an epic tale, people who are just starting to tale the first steps in their journey of literacy. I cannot stress enough how happy this makes me feel.

–Jesse, Teen Blogger, Southwest

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