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Of All the Stupid Things: Movie clichés with some important themes

of all the stupid thingsTitle: Of All The Stupid Things

Author: Alexandra Diaz

Summary: This is the high-school-story of three best friends: Tara, “Pinkie” (whose real name is we find out later), and Whitney Blaire, who everyone calls Whitney Blaire and who is referred to as such virtually every time her name appears in the book. Each girl has her struggles: Tara is training to run a marathon amidst troubling rumors about her boyfriend, Pinkie is worrisome and overbearing due to the early loss of her mother, and Whitney Blaire’s affluent parents are never home. Then… a new girl arrives! Will their friendship prevail?

I started reading it because: it had cute cover art (I like cherries) and I wanted a “girly” book.

I kept reading because: as much as I hated the writing and plot development in some places, I wanted to know what happened in the end. Also, I really liked Tara.

This book reminded me of: an oversimplified, badly described version of real life? This book could potentially have turned out to be really insightful, but there were so many unrealistic transitions/plot developments that it kind of ruined it.

Six-word-review: Movie clichés with some important themes.

I would recommend this to: anyone who likes their books easy, fast, and simple, and who isn’t a stickler about the “realistic” in “realistic fiction.”

–Hannah, 17, Greenwood Teen Blogger