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Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist: weird, cool monsters

Taimashinv1Title: Taimashin – The Red Spider Exorcist

Authors: Hideyuki Kikuchi & Shin Yong-Gwan

Summary: In an interesting fusion between (mostly) manga and (a bit of) manhwa, an office lady is plagued with supernatural problems and her savior that comes with them, a mysterious spider-exorcist

Gut reaction: weird, onmyouji, eh office lady, cool monsters

Why: The heroine, Megumi, isn’t annoying but isn’t interesting either. I like her lover, an insignificant side character sure to die/be abandoned soon because he seems thoughtful in an unusual way. The onmyouji (traditional Japanese exorcist) is awesome and spider powers are also cool. The monsters are pretty awesome in their powers and appearances. The story is reasonably paced and is pretty good. I’m looking forward to how this continues.

Who would like this book: manhwa fans, shounen fans, horror fans, youkai fans, romance fans. I’ll keep reading and probably stick with it.

Lexie – Teen Blogger  – West Seattle