The Next Big War – Climate Change

polarbearice The one that most of us don’t even know is happening.

Climate change, which is also sometimes called Global Warming, is something that has been happening for generations. The warning signs have been there but a lot of us have chosen to ignore it. It’s the next big war, a monster that we, humans, have created and now must fight. So…

What is Climate Change?

Try watching this video: Climate 101 with Bill Nye

Have you noticed how we don’t have a lot of Climate education in schools? And why not? It’s something that the youth of this country and the world will have to fight and live through. The worst effects of Climate Change are yet to come and your parents won’t have to deal with it, you will.

So what can you do? There are a number of books at the library on the Climate crisis, including “Our Choice” and “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore which are excellent books on what it is, how it is affecting us and the people and animals/other species around the world, and what we can do about it. I highly recommend checking out these books. Also “Ten Technologies to Save the Planet” introduces you to all the alternative methods of creating energy that are available to us and how they work. If you want to try to have a greener home there is “Whole Green Catalog” which has 1000 different ways to improve your house and lessen your carbon footprint.

Other great resources are groups and organizations you can check out are:

These are just a couple of the numerous groups and organizations out there. To learn more about them and find more go to, which is a student/youth run page.

–post by Nicole, Greenwood branch


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