WOIS: Choose your career

So I’ve been having trouble trying to figure what I’m going to do for college and for a career (if I’m going to HAVE a career or just a job) so to figure this out I grabbed the College Board Book of Majors and made a list of things I was interested in (there weren’t that many).  One day I was talking to Jesten (the teen librarian who I listen to) and she liked the idea of archive assistant, she mentioned using that to work at a museum. THAT got my attention, but . . . I had no clue what jobs were at a museum so I asked her for a list and a list I got, she then encouraged me to go to WOIS, and it is AMAZING!!

Once you get there if you click on the Occupation button it has a HUGE list of jobs and VERY in-depth descriptions of the job. It will tell you the typical tasks, overview, school requirements (if you need a high school diploma, bachelors or masters degree), the physical demands of the job, the average wages, and a few more things. Some of the jobs allow you to have an interview with people who have that job. Wow.
Now I’m not saying that EVERY job is on this website, so please don’t be mad if the job you want isn’t on it, but it sure looks like it.  But this website is incredible, it helped me so much!!!!!
It also has a school search, I haven’t checked it out yet but it will probably be awesome too! 
To get to the website you can follow these steps:
1. Go to spl.org
2. Click on articles & Reaserch
3. Click on Articles A-Z
4. Scroll to the bottom and click on the WOIS/The Career Information System

–Freyja – Teen volunteer – Magnolia


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