The Rosie Project: Light, funny story about understanding love

rosieprojectTitle: The Rosie Project
Author: Graeme Simsion
Summary: Don Tillman is a highly intelligent but extremely socially awkward genetics professor and researcher searching for a suitable wife. So he decides to make a scientific survey to select the most suitable partner, which he calls the Wife Project. But then he meets Rosie, a woman who fits none of his criteria, while helping her find her biological father. How will Don, the highly rational scientist, deal with his feelings for the logically unsuitable Rosie?

Six Word Review: Light, funny story about understanding love.

How many stars (out of 10) would you give this book & Why? 7 stars. Fast-paced, light, and funny with meaningful messages about finding love and accepting differences. The characters are believable and change like real people would.

I started reading it because… it sounded funny, sweet, and similar to the TV show the Big Bang Theory, which I like. I kept reading because… it was engaging and amusing. I enjoyed watching Don change to become more accepting and sociable.

If the main character were stuck on a deserted island, they would… know exactly what he needed to do to survive, because he would have read and memorized five books on the subject of living on deserted islands before he even ended up there.

If the main character(s) were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To: Become a Socially-Challenged Scientist
This book reminded me of the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper because… Don is a highly rational scientist, even too rational, like Sheldon Cooper. He plans every minute of his day for maximum efficiency, eats the same meals each week, and interacts with people without sarcasm. He gets right to the point.
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–review by Ruthie, Greenwood branch


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