Let It Snow – So many stories, all very cute.

let it snowTitle: Let It Snow

Author: Maureen Johnson, John Green, Lauren Myracle

Summary: Three holiday romances packed into one book.

The first story, The Jubilee Express, tells the story of Jubilee, a teenage girl stuck alone on Christmas Eve because her parents were arrested for being a little too excited about collectible miniature decorative houses and being involved in somewhat of a riot related to the release of another collectible. She is taking the train to her grandparent’s house in Florida when the snowstorm stops the train. As she ventures out to get to a payphone to call her grandparents, Jubilee runs into her classmate Stuart. Stuart invites her to come over to his house for Christmas so she doesn’t have to spend it alone. Jubilee has a boyfriend, but Stuart’s offer is as a friend. However, the events that follow could change that.

The second story, A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, is about a group of friends: two boys, Tobin and JP, and one tomboyish girl, the Duke (aka Angie). Tobin and the Duke are best friends and that’s all they’ve ever been, but when they go on a journey to a waffle house during a snowstorm, their relationship changes.

The third story, The Patron Saint of Pigs, Addie, who regrets having recently broken up with her boyfriend, begins to realize how self-involved she is. In an effort to show how much she cares about others, she offers to pick up a teacup pig for her friend Tegan who ordered the pig weeks ago. Addie tries to remember, but she inevitably forgets to get the pig for her friend. Luckily, a “Christmas angel” helps her out and Addie learns a valuable lesson.

Six Word Review: So many stories, all very cute.

I started reading because: I was browsing through a library looking for a cute romance novel.

I would give this book 8/10 stars because all the stories are very sweet. It’s a fun read.

I loved how the stories crossed over with each other. It makes you very aware that everyone is the main character in their own lives and we’re just background characters to them while they’re background characters to us. I hated that there weren’t even more stories to be interwoven.

If the lead character Stuart was in a high school yearbook, he/she would be voted Most Likely To: Be The Sweetest Person Alive.

Anything else we should know? The summary doesn’t tell the whole of all the stories because there are three stories and it would be, like, three pages long if I did summarize it all in-depth. It may sound sort of shallow, and it kind of is, but sometimes shallow is good. It’s really a cute book and it describes the excitement of a snowstorm perfectly.

Regina, West Seattle


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