Wintersmith – unnecessary romance, well written as usual

WintersmithTitle: Wintersmith

Author: Terry Pratchett

Summary: In the 3rd book in the Tiffany Aching mini-series, a young witch makes a mistake and causes an imbalance of seasons.

Gut reaction: I love Terry Pratchett, unnecessary romance, well written as usual.

Why: Terry Pratchett’s humor is wonderful, perfect for sarcasm and parodies. Tiffany is as strong a character as ever, and all of the other characters work out well. The setting is superb, being Discworld. My main problem with this book is the needless romance between Tiffany and Roland, who at least became a likeable character, but I still don’t really want to read about their love and whatnot. Lucky for me and unlucky for all you romance fans, it’s not the main focus of the story and is actually pretty out of the way. I loved the character of the Wintersmith, who was written perfectly. I really have nothing but praises.

Who would like this book: Pratchett fans of any sort, humor fans, parody fans, sarcasm fans, magic fans, adventure fans, mythology/folklore fans, all people in general.

–Lexie, 16, West Seattle


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