December Book Horoscopes!

starbookIt’s December and that means the final month of the year is here! Everyone is returning from the Thanksgiving holiday and hunkering down for the grind as we enter the weeks approaching winter break. Yes, it’s cold outside, and it gets dark way too early, but there are a lot of things we like about winter too! This edition of our Monthly Book Horoscopes (book recommendations based on YOUR Zodiac sign!) will give you some suggestions for the best books to read as we dive into winter. As always, free to try out any of the books on this list because they are all SNOW fabulous!

Young ElitesAries The Young Elites by Maire Lu

This great, dark book will put you in the perfect mood for the stormy winter months. Adelina Amouteru, the anti-hero main character, is a rare survivor of the blood fever. Does this make her an abomination, or the master of strange new powers, as the rumors say? This book is full of inner conflict and contains many very different kinds of characters that have banded together to create the Dagger Society. This gorgeous fantasy is fast-paced and gets right to the point. It’s also the first in a series, so the adventure does not stop here!

Winter TownTaurus Winter Town by Stephen Emond

Evan is a senior in high school who likes to draw, but doesn’t feel he can make a career out of it. His best friend, Lucy, comes to visit like she does every winter break, but this time, something’s changed. Evan is glad to see his friend but knows there is something she isn’t telling him – she seems very tense unless they are talking about their plan to make a comic book together. The characters are really relatable and the chapters are interspersed with comics made by Evan.  A perfect winter break read!

Iron KingGemini The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan has never really fit in at home or at school. Her father disappeared when she was six years old and since then, something has been different about her. Who would have thought that she was really the daughter of a faery king and that her life plays an important role in the midst of a giant war? This book has a creative take on traditional mythology and will also make you laugh.


Golden CompassCancer The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

This book should really be considered a winter classic. Do not be deterred if you saw the considerable sub-par movie version. The book is sure to deliver, we promise! This is dark, precious story begins when an orphaned girl named Lyra receives a visit from her mysterious uncle, Lord Asriel. She then starts an adventure full of disappearing children, a celestial phenomenon called “Dust,” Aurora Borealis, creatures called Gobblers, and a very special compass. This is the first of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

Dash and LilyLeo Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn

Lighthearted, adventurous, and fun winter romance novels are just what you will need this month as the nights get longer and the days grow colder. Lily leaves some clues in a red book on a bookshelf, hoping that the right guy will come along and find them. Soon, Dash and Lily begin a correspondence that takes the form of a holiday themed scavenger hunt. A funny, delightful book that is perfect for the holiday season.


NobodyVirgo Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This is a dystopia book with a somewhat refreshing concept. Nobodies are forgotten as soon as you turn away from them. No one notices them. They are trained as assassins, but an untrained Nobody is a threat to The Institute. 16-year-old Claire is one of them – she has been invisible her entire life, and her parents and friends forget about her constantly. When Nix, a 17-year-old Nobody assassin, is sent to kill her, things don’t quite go as planned. This book is about betrayal, conspiracies and love.

Whispering to WitchesLibra  Whispering to Witches by Anna Dale

Although this book has the pretense to be a holiday book, it is really about something else entirely. Joe is travelling to stay with his mother and stepfather in Canterbury, England for Christmas. On the way he encounters a huge mess involving spells, witches, conspiracy plots, and a certain ancient spellbook. Joe has to work with his new friend Twiggy to find the missing page that will (hopefully) solve everything.


ShiverScorpio Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Grace likes wolves. She has been watching them for years through her window, in particular the wolf with the yellow eyes. Little does she know that that wolf is really Sam, who spends his winters leading his pack and watching the girl at the window and lives the short summer months as a human. When Grace meets human Sam for the first time, she can’t believe it. But now they have a decision to make.


21 BalloonsSagittarius The Twenty One Balloons by William Pene du Bois.

This book follows the story of adventurous Professor William Waterman Sherman. It’s a tale of his exciting travels in a hot air balloon across the globe, departing from San Francisco to find himself washed up on the isle of Krakatoa. Sherman is constantly on the move, never remaining in one place for too long throughout his adventures, and he has his own strange philosophical reasoning for embarking on his yearlong journey in the balloon. A fun, quick read.

feedCapricorn Feed by M.T. Anderson

This is book belongs to the dystopian genre, but it is not set too far in the future, which makes it all the more scary to think about because it seems more relatable to our time. All people have computers in their heads that essentially run their brains. This may seem very functional but in reality it ends up causing some problems… An interesting read to see what life might be like in a hundred years!


fangirlAquarius Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This book is perfect for anybody who enjoys reading fluffy romances in the winter. Cath is an introverted fangirl who has been through a peck of trouble, and throughout the book she develops a romantic relationship that is absolutely adorable. This book is full of well-crafted characters that are all fleshed out with their own endearing quirks which will win your heart. You’ll fall in love with Cath as she falls in love.


Let it SnowPisces Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle

A snowstorm, a stuck train, cheerleaders, hash-browns, adventure, andteenage love all play a big role in this book. Three authors have masterfully created three intertwining stories of romance, friendship, and Christmas. If you like books with adventure or criss-crossing story-lines, or need a holiday book to go with your hot chocolate, this is the book for you. Reading this book is the perfect way to spend those chilly December weeks leading up to winter break. So check it out and let it snow!

Enjoy your winter holidays and make sure to check back in January for the next edition!

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