Have you taken the S.A.T.? Check out my helpful tips…


Recently I took the S.A.T and I was nervous to say the least. I had heard all the stories about how strict the rules were and how scary the test itself was. So I tried to prepare myself; I got the proper information from Susan Watters, my schools Fiscal Specialist.  She gave me the proper website address, info about fee waivers, and a small booklet that has quite a bit of information about what the S.A.T is, some of the rules, things you will need for the test day, and a practice test. My great aunt had also bought me the Official S.A.T study guide, which is this HUGE book all about the S.A.T. But alas November was a no bueno month (no good – for those of you who don’t speak Spanish)  so I did not get to study much.  I was able to look at the little booklet that I got from school, but I did not get a chance to use my Official S.A.T guide so I cannot tell you if it was helpful.

Anyways signing up for the S.A.T is an adventure as well, it has lots of questions and when/if you sign up try to do so from your personal computer, or if you must use a library or school computer be sure to take a flash drive with a photo of you on it so you can put it onto your “Ticket” which you must print out and take with you on test day – it’s what lets you take the test, and you can’t get in without your admission “Ticket”. Only you can be in your photo (no friends or pets in it) and it MUST be a recent picture of you.

Study. Go to bed early for you will be waking up early (I woke up at 5;30 on a Saturday!).  Eat breakfast, or take breakfast to go on your way to the test and take a snack or multiple.  You get three 5 minute breaks so your snack must be a quick eat. Be sure to take #2 pencils and a graphing calculator. You might get lucky and they provide pencils but they will NOT provide graphing calculators.

If you are nervous talk to family or friends who have taken the test.  Talk to your homeroom teacher, a teacher you trust, or a librarian: they should know of books that can help you if you feel you need extra help/studying.

ALSO – tips!

  2. SKIP questions if you can’t answer them in a couple of seconds, CIRCLE the question # in your Question booklet, THEN GO BACK and use the remainder of your time to answer those
  3. UNANSWERED questions are OK, you don’t gain or lose points from unanswered questions, you only lose points for incorrect answers
  4. Not sure if this will help you, but in the reading sections I skip the passage, read the questions, then read the part of the passage that’s relevant to the question
  5. It was not as bad as I expected, so don’t worry I’m sure you will all do great!!

The Seattle Public Library has a lot of SAT prep books.

Upcoming SPL events: SAT/ACT drop-in sessions – search for SAT/ACT
Freyja – Teen volunteer – Magnolia

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