Writing at School: Is it Really a Nuisance?

writing_a_letterI love writing.  All kinds of writing, from poetry to science fiction.  And I know there are many people out there that share this passion, but this number may be slowly decreasing.  Teachers teach it without emotion, making it seem a lot more like an annoying pest than an exciting new way to use your imagination and creativity, the bland teaching method prevents kids from trying to exercise their creativity, and makes deep thinking much harder to reach.

At high school orientations, I hear lots about choir, theater, band.  But I don’t hear a single word uttered about writing classes or clubs (with the exception of a couple of schools).  Aren’t those important?

Without writing, who would write all those really good books that you’re reading, or magazines, newspapers, and reviews? There would be no libraries, since there are no books to read. Without writing, what would be point of the alphabet? 

So, to sum it up, the world would be a rather bland, boring place, wouldn’t it?  I feel like writing in school is portrayed as a nuisance, something that isn’t important to kids, when it really should be.  You don’t know it, but you have to write all your life, those reports at work, debating against something or someone else, et cetera, all require basic writing skills.  Teachers teaching writing projects as if they were a nuisance themselves lowers their chances of getting the jobs they want in the future, and decreases the amount of potential creativeness in the world (writing wise).

Writing is one of the ways people can express their feelings, through something as simple as a journal entry.  And if those kids can’t find a place to improve upon those skills, or even a place to share their writing, they can’t really improve or continue to pursue that dream, and what will they do then?  They may quit if there is no motivation to keep going, or they may continue to struggle along that path, not getting the help they need.

Writing is a HUGE part of our culture, and everyday life, and people don’t even know it.  It is ESSENTIAL to becoming successful, whether you like it or not.  And it’s time for people to realize that writing isn’t a nuisance, or an unimportant school project, and that it is one of the keys to becoming successful.

–Julia, Teen Blogger, Magnolia


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