Switched – Interesting story, love the characters.

SwitchedTitle: Switched (The Trylle Trilogy)

Author: Amanda Hocking

Summary: Wendy Everly’s mother was always convinced she was a monster. Wendy had always wondered why she had never fit in with her family, and why she looked so different. Soon, she would find the answers to all her questions. The slightly suspicious and mysterious classmate Finn Holmes becomes more than just a friend, and takes her on a journey to a magical world that will change her life forever. Wendy will figure out who she really is, (or what she is) and where she came from. Her identity will no longer remain a mystery.

Stars: I would give this book 9/10 stars! It had a great plot and details that made visualizing the story easy.

Why: I started reading this book because of the compelling caption on the front “what if your entire life was built on a lie?’’ and because I love books about people who have powers.

Gut Reaction: Interesting story, love the characters.

What I loved: Along with the detailed descriptions of everything that make you feel what the main character does, I loved the cover! Definitely one of the most beautiful covers i’ve seen so far.


–Afsara, Greenwood Teen Adviser


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