Paper Towns: A beTter mOviE tHan Book?

papertownsIf you are a fan of John Green’s novel Paper Towns then I have some good news for you; the movie adaptation of the popular book is set to be released in the US on June 5th, 2015!  As an avid John Green fan this news was already exciting, but I am especially thrilled to hear that Paper Towns in particular is being made into a movie.  Why, you ask?  Simply put, it is because I think Paper Towns will be a better movie than a book.

Now before all you book purists come hunting me down with torches for saying that, please let me explain myself.  Believe me, when a studio slaughters a book (*cough cough* Percy Jackson) I am as angry as the rest of you.  But not only do I trust both John Green and the production team on this movie, but I also trust the book; that is, I trust that it will make an incredible movie.

*Spoilers Ahead*

I loved the first part of Paper Towns.  When Quentin and Margo were pulling pranks together and just being themselves, it was incredible reading about their relationship developing.  But in the middle of the book, after Margo leaves and Quentin is desperately trying to find her, I got bored.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fine, but the clues Quentin was finding were not ones I could figure out.  It was a mystery, but not one I was able to solve, I just had to watch it happening. Then the book got good again during the road trip, when it was all about the relationships again.  That is where John Green is really a master.  For some reason the man is extremely good at writing teenage relationships in a way that make me glad to be a teenager.  In the middle section of the book the only relationship really being focused on is Quentin’s with this girl that he THINKS he knows.  It’s boring.

On screen we’ll be able to see Quentin, and our clues will be visual and easier to interpret. Maybe we’ll even be given a chance to try and solve the mystery of where Margo has gone.  The main parts of the movie will be the relationships.  It’s going to be awesome because it’ll be all the best parts of the book up there on the screen for us to watch.  That and I LOVE Nat Wolff (the actor cast as Quentin).  You may remember him from his role as Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars where he was amazing and incredible!  We as an audience will finally be able to see the intriguing Margo Speigelman and all of Radar’s black Santas.  We can finally be a part of that epic road trip that made us all want to be crazy and spontaneous.  Paper Towns was full of little adventures that I always wanted to be a part of, and now, with this movie, I feel like I can be.

John Green’s Tumblr

–Grace, 17, Greenwood


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