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Tangerine: Simultaneously Enchanting and Chilling

tangerine Tangerine, by Edward Bloor

Tangerine is a book about oranges and lies.  Set in and around Tangerine County, Florida, it’s the journal of 12-year-old Paul Fisher.  Paul is distinguished from others his age by his glasses, which he says would have survived to be unearthed by archaeologists if the dinosaurs had worn them at the time of their extinction.  He’s been told his entire life that he is a walking cautionary tale: don’t stare too long into a solar eclipse or you will go blind.  Oh.  Hold on a second.  He can see just fine. What’s up with that?  He does not remember a solar eclipse happening in his lifetime, and he is certain that he would have known not to look at it.  There are many things he doesn’t remember.  It is almost as if the memory is there, but he simply cannot see it in his mind’s eye. Continue reading