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Frankenstein – More to it than you think

frankensteinTitle:  Frankenstein

Author:  Mary Shelley

Summary:  Victor Frankenstein has grown up in a loving family with a happy childhood during the 18th century in Europe.  However, just as Victor is about to leave for university, his mother dies.  Once he has grieved the loss, he leaves for college where his mind his opened to the world of science and he becomes the most skilled scientist in the university.  Unfortunately, his potential for success is thwarted by his obsession with the processes of life and death triggered by his mother’s abrupt demise.  He becomes so obsessed, in fact, that he creates a living being from scratch.  The rest of the novel follows the repercussions of this one fatal action.

Six Word Review: More to it than you think.

I started reading because:  I had to read it for school, but I ended up being really interested because the actual story was a lot more interesting and well-crafted than the general understanding of it today.  The creature Victor Frankenstein creates isn’t even named Frankenstein.  It’s never named; it’s just called “the monster.”

I would give this book 10/10 stars because it had a lot more depth to it than I had initially expected. It examines what social isolation does to people (and monsters) and it also explores the concept of what it truly means to be alive.

I loved the suspense Shelley weaves throughout the story.  I was always excited to find out what happened next.  I hated the ending.  It made sense to have it end the way it did, but I just wish there had been a little more to it.

If the lead character Victor was in a high school yearbook, he would be voted Most Likely To: Be Irresponsible And Selfish.

Anything else we should know?  The story is based on a dream Mary Shelley had.  She was interested in the concept of life and death because she had many miscarriages.

–Regina, West Seattle, Teen Blogger