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Divergent – deeper meanings

divergentTitle: Divergent

Author:  Veronica Roth

Summary: In a futuristic Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice must choose among five factions—each with very different values. Her decision will define her identity for the rest of her life. The decision is made more difficult when she discovers that she does not fit into one particular group, and that the society she lives in is not as perfect as she thought it was.

Gut Reaction: Loved it!!

Why: Divergent is a book that really makes you think. Beatrice constantly struggles with her identity—she doesn’t fit into society like everyone else seems to, but is forced to hide it. She is sure she belongs in one place, but she always seems to discover something that sets her apart. This struggle is very prevalent in teen life today—people feeling like they don’t fit in anywhere. I enjoyed reading this book because of how it connected to the lives of my generation. I also really enjoyed Beatrice’s character, because she is unusual. She is small and plain with a slight build, but the tasks she is presented with help her to discover her strength—both physical and emotional. It was interesting and satisfying to follow such a real character, even in such an unreal setting.  I love how the plot slowly morphs itself, and the ideas made me question what I really think is most important.

Who would like this book: This is great for all the Hunger Games lovers out there. It is similar in some ways, but the plot is completely different so it doesn’t feel like a copy at all. It also has more romance than The Hunger Games.   I would recommend a little more of a mature audience than for The Hunger Games (Grade 8 and up) in order to understand its “deeper meanings”.

–Helen, University, Teen Blogger