My Adventures at the Crest Cinema Theater

Crest Theater SHR

If you live in the Seattle area, you may have heard of the Crest Cinema Theater. Maybe you are a film fan and have been there many times, or maybe you’ve only heard people rave about how cool this particular theater is but have never been yourself.  Either way, the Crest has something to offer for everyone, and several unique features that make it one of the best places to see a film around Seattle.

I recently made my first trip to the Crest to see the movie Big Eyes.  Now you may be thinking, “you saw Big Eyes there? It isn’t in theaters anymore and it’s not on DVD yet!”  Well, that is one of the features of the Crest that makes it so unique: it shows films that have been out for some time and aren’t in the major theaters anymore.  The Crest is also currently showing Gone Girl, which is already out on DVD, and The Penguins of Madagascar in 3D, among others.  So if you missed seeing in a theater that really great movie that all your friends have been talking about, try the Crest, it might be playing there.

One incredible benefit of showing movies that have been out for some time is that tickets are SUPER cheap. We’re talking $4 here compared to the $11.50 that you would pay at any other theater. This means that even students can afford to go out to the movies!

The Crest also has interesting concession choices. Moviegoers claim that the Crest has the best popcorn in town. They even use real butter and for $11.25 you can get unlimited popcorn and soda.  Perhaps the best part of the concession area is the bulk candy wall.  You take a bag and create your own personal mix of favorite candies to enjoy while you watch your movie. How cool is that?

This is an old theater with ‘70s décor and an old-timey feel. The staff is incredibly friendly, cheerful, and accommodating, qualities that are often missing at larger chain theaters.

So, if you find yourself with $4 and nothing to do this weekend, why not head over to the Crest? Catch up on those movies you wanted to see, indulge in some buttery popcorn, and relax in the unique atmosphere of the Crest!

Here’s the website.

If you’re interested in films, check out these resources from the Seattle Public Library:

  • Need help picking your next movie?  Try Queue Tips by Robert Christopher.
  • Do you like the Princess Bride?  Read As You Wish, a new book by actor Cary Elwes about making the movie.
  • Have a more technical interest in films?  How about Film Theory and Criticism by Gerald Mast.
  • Check out the Seattle Public Library blog section Film and TV here.

–RuthMabel, Greenwood, Teen Adviser


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