Monster – Well-Written with a Good Message

MonsterTitle: Monster

Author: Walter Dean Myers

Summary: Steve Harmon is a 16-year-old boy who is currently being tried in court for the robbery and murder of a man named Mr. Nesbitt. This book takes you through the court proceedings, as well as giving you inside knowledge of what happened based off of Steve’s journal and screenplay.

I give this book 8/10 stars. I tthought this book was well-written and sent across a really good message, but the format that it was written in made it really hard to understand what was going on. The majority of the book written as a 3rd person screenplay, but there are parts from Steve’s journal which is in 1st person.  For example, you might be reading about court proceedings, but the next scene might be a flashback, so you have to make a quick adjustment.

What I loved: I thought it was interesting that the author decided to write the whole story in a 3rd person screenplay format, but also having a 1st person journal sometimes making an appearance. The themes that accompanied the book were also interesting to read about.

What I hated: There was nothing that I didn’t really like, but if I had to pick, maybe it would have been the fact that whether Steve is guilty or not remains a mystery throughout the book.

–Liz, grade 8, Lake City


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