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Short Fiction – Running by Iris & Tash

Author’s Note:  My friend Tash from London and I met on social media, discussing our love for blogging and exploring the world of writing for fun.  The great thing about social media and teen bloggers is that collaboration is always on our minds.  Together, we came up with the idea of co-writing a story. The first hundred words written by her, I complete a portion, and vice versa.  After a few weeks, a tale of girl at her breaking point emerged…


There they go again – arguing, I’m sick of it. Sometimes I wish that I was a different person, sometimes I wish I was dead. Sometimes I think the only thing that will stop them arguing is if something awful happened to the family.
I shout downstairs, “I’m going out!”
As I leave, I slam the door as hard as I can and run. I run as far and as fast as possible. I didn’t know where but I didn’t care. 
I reached a fairground and took in the sights and smells around me. Continue reading