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Gilt – Kitty: Cat’s Shadow, Loyal Until Death

Title: GiltGilt

Author: Katherine Longshore

Six Word Review: Kitty: Cat’s Shadow, Loyal Until Death.

Summary: In 1500s England Kitty Tylney lives in the shadow of her “soul-sister,” Cat, as maids in waiting for the Duchess of Norfolk. Early in the book, Cat schemes her way into the court of King Henry the Eighth. There she catches his eye. She soon becomes Queen Catherine, and brings Kitty to Court to be part of the Queen’s inner circle. Henry VIII being the old, fat, stinky man that he is, Cat seeks out a more attractive companion in the dashing Thomas Culpepper. Kitty remains Cat’s faithful lackey and watches as Cat weaves a tangled web of secrets. Kitty warns her that these affairs could be ruinous but is not successful. Eventually Cat’s ambition and devil-may-care attitude entangle her in her own web of lies and secrets, threatening her royal title, her beautiful jewels, and her head.

I started reading because: I’ve seen Gilt compared to another book I read (Maid of Secrets). Some said Gilt was a better book, so I had to read it and see for myself. After doing so I realized that the two books have similar stories, but Gilt is aimed at an older audience. Continue reading