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Tortall and Other Lands – a Collection of Tales

tortalTitle: Tortall And Other Lands – A Collection Of Tales

Author: Tamora Pierce

Summary: A series of short stories mostly set in the fantasy country of Tortall and its surrounding areas.

Gut reaction: Girls, magic, religion, inner strength

Why: Tamora Pierce, as always, writes about magical girls and inner strength. She also touches on religion and acceptance this time, with a religion that’s clearly Islam under another name and some social pressure thrown in. A few stories are continuations of her previous novels. She’s a good writer, but not the best. I think she handled the Islam stories very well, but I’m not Muslim, so I can’t say much on her accuracy. Also, for once she wrote from a male perspective, and that, too, ended up well.

Who would like this book: Tamora Pierce fans, feminists, fantasy/magic fans.  I enjoyed it.

–Lexie, 16, West Seattle