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Paid Internship #2: SYEP

SYEPposterThis one is pretty amazing — 1,000 teens will be paid to get good job experience. Resumes and  cover letters sure, but also workplace internships and mentorships. It is worth your time to check out the Cover Letter for 2015 Applicant Form and fill out the Applicant Form. Your friendly branch librarian is standing by to help you with this, if needed. Notice the deadline, though? 10 days and counting down.

Teen Poetry – Cayden – Out of the Cave

Out of the Cave

The boulder groans along the floor as I push it out the way

Light streams into the cavern and fresh air tickles my rough face

my sheep move like a rolling tide, swarming out of their pens and into the world

Outside, I know, the grass grows green and tall, pines reaching into a sky

as blue as the lakes, as clear as tears and as cold as death.

And yet, I cannot see it, can no longer make sense of the world through my eye,

relegated to touch and hearing, inferior senses in my mind

I am scorned, a wretched flawed creature in the minds of my neighbors.

I am alone in the world, without cause or purpose, except the care of my sheep.

And now I truly live in a cave, for even at highest noon, all I can see is darkness.

Ever since that monstrous trickster Odysseus, masquerading as a nobody,

Struck me blind, burning my flesh, lashing my mind with fire and destruction.

Unable to fight me like a true hero, he tricked me with twisted wiles

to destruction, as hot as the deepest depths of Tartarus.

But as much as I blame the man, I know where the true fault lies:

with the deathless gods above, the cold, capricious ones,

The ones who favored Odysseus so much, lending him courage, wits and strength

It is not wise to curse the gods, but I do so anyway, angry at the way they exalt their

puny humans, their little heroes,  so far insignificant to us mighty Cyclopses.

Only one god, our father, Poseidon, loves our race. To the others, we are crude

beings, monsters, flawed, reflections from a broken mirror.

And even if the gods pretend they love us, sending us rains to grow our food and

warm winds, we know the truth. For if they truly loved us, I would be able to see,

Free to walk the world, and see the light and darkness both, not just one.

No longer stuck in the cave.

–Cayden, Queen Anne, Teen Blogger