Teen Poetry – Emily – Depression / Dear Mom


It was in third grade when I met her

She had crazy hair

But, I didn’t care.

We became best friends in 4th grade

She told me everything

She hated everything

She hated herself the most

I tried to help her

But she denied

She truly hated herself

I felt bad.

I really wanted to help

She denied every compliment she got

She would smile

But everyone knew it wasn’t real.

She tried to be happy

But it didn’t work out.

She cried day and night

She hated herself

And her life

She soon realized that pain felt good

She hid her cuts so no one saw

We soon found out everything

I checked up on her everyday

I tried to help, I really did.

She seemed happy and thankful

But…it was all a lie

She was the same as before

She realized this wasn’t the right place for her

She left…

I didn’t even get to say goodbye

Or wish her to be happy there

She was gone as fast as lighting

We all cried

But we all saw it coming

It wasn’t a big surprise


You weren’t always there for me

You came around once in a while


I got used to it by the time I was 7 years old


But at 4

We went through some hard times together

You got beat by a man you thought you


He didn’t mean anything to me

And you…

You should’ve felt the same way


By the age of 6

You had a good job

And you were doing great.


I started to live with grandma

I didn’t see you as often.


Dad was there when I needed him

But I didn’t spend much time with him


At the age of 7, I saw my little sister

I tried to see you as much as I could


I didn’t see you for a year

You felt like a stranger


You became a drug addict

I saw you at your worst

I tried to help


Now I’m 12

Stuck with grandma still

I see dad most of the week.

But when do I see you?



Thankful that you tried

Thankful for the things you did

But I have to say bye.


–Emily, 7th grader, West Seattle

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