Teen Poetry – Emily – Just Because I’m Quiet / Insane

Just Because I’m Quiet

Just because I’m quiet

It doesn’t mean I’m mad

Doesn’t mean I don’t care

Doesn’t mean I’m really shy


Just because I’m quiet

Doesn’t mean I don’t understand the work you give me

It doesn’t mean I don’t like you

It doesn’t mean I’m sad


Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I hate the world

So just stop asking

It’s annoying



Every day she yelled at me cause

She wanted more

Everyone told her to go to rehab

But she ignored

We told her it would make her better

But she ignored and tried to get more.

She cried and broke things

Wanting a better life

But she wasn’t sure if she was going to commit to it

So…she didn’t try.


We all wanted the best for her

She hated everyone

For telling her she’s making bad choices.

Making her feel worse about herself

Making her use more drugs


She soon made her choice and left

Wanting to get out

She tried to kill herself


Months later we saw her, looking better

But it happened again

It was like a movie on loop.


–Emily, 7th grader, West Seattle

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