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Teen Poetry – Emily – I Am From…

I Am From…

I am from people who ran away from bombs and guns

Trying to not get killed.

I am from people who tried to cross a border to be safe.

I am from parents who separated.

A dad who supports anything I do.

I am from a mom who doesn’t care what I do.

I am from a family that can risk their life helping me

Get an A+ for my science fair project.

I am from a family who has a Nerf Gun war




I am a kid who scrolls on tumblr laughing at dog gifs

All day

I am a kid who is a Mirfanda.

I am a kid who wishes she can go to a kpop concert

I am a kid who wishes to eat bacon and be healthy


I am from a house who screams

At each other when a scary trailer comes on

I am from a house who sings Resentment by Beyoncé

All together

I am from a house that isn’t normal


I am from a place where

You can smell fried vegetables

I am from a place where people try to be stress free

I am from a family that is average

I am from all of these things that I like because

They make me


–Emily, 7th grader, West Seattle