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Spilled Ink: Today @ Ballard

low res spilled ink

Live music! Art! Literature! Videos!

Ballard Branch Teen Advisors and Ballard High School Ink Club invite you Spilled Ink, a community celebration of fresh artwork in many guises from INK Magazine, Ballard High School’s online journal.

Where? The Ballard Branch 

When? Today Saturday May 2nd @ 6-8 p.m. (You’ll get to be in the library after hours! The Ballard Branch closes at 6 p.m. and will re-open especially for Spilled Ink attendees. )

This event will showcase student works including art and photography, along with a screening of student-produced videos at 6:30 p.m. Live music and spoken word will be performed throughout the evening by local artists Roy Street, Golden Years, Dragon & Android, Ternbern Quertet, Eli Goldberg, Noah Forslun and Sophia Hermann.

There will also be a ukulele jam with members of the Ballard Ukulele Club that all are welcome to join. Players are invited to bring their own instrument to the jam, or play one of the limited number of ukuleles that will be available.

For more info call the Ballard Branch @ 206-684-4089


Bloodhound: More Than Worthy Sequel


Title: Bloodhound

Author: Tamora Pierce

Three Sentence Summary: It’s been about two years since the events of Terrier, and Beka Cooper is a full-blown Dog. She gets her first hunt away from home when a lean winter collides with a sudden and very large outbreak of coles (counterfeit coins). Now, in the very different environment of Port Caynn, Beka must survive the opposition of the city’s Rogue (who’s acting really suspiciously), a carefree and flirty gambler who calls her his ‘luck’, and a cowardly Deputy Provost who thinks that ignoring problems will make them go away to Dog her biggest Rat yet: A counterfeiter bent on totally destabilizing Tortall’s economy.

Six Word Review: More than worthy sequel to Terrier.

I started reading because: Given how much Terrier had proved itself to me, I was excited for its sequel. I wanted to see what Beka could do as a full Dog, and how she got the Bloodhound title (all the titles of the Provost’s Dog series are nicknames she gets from the events of the book).

I kept reading because: It lives up to my expectations. Bloodhound introduces a whole slew of wonderful characters at Port Caynn, like Dale, the generous gambler and ladies’ man who flirts with Beka, Nestor of Haryse, sergeant and a very honest Dog in a very dishonest city, Okha/Amber Orchid, a beautiful singer (and Nestor’s lover) who knows more about Rogue business than she cares to tell, and Pearl Skinner, the ruthless and greedy Rogue of Port Caynn. Continue reading