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Very Bad Things – easy & light-hearted

Very Bad Things by Susan McBrideTitle: Very Bad Things

Author: Susan McBride

Very Bad Things is the definition of a book that you can’t put down. It’s relatively short, fast paced, well written, and has an interesting plot. What it is not is the type of book that you’re likely to think about for months after you read it. Writing this a day after reading the book, I find myself having to think hard to remember exactly who the characters were and what happened. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The plot revolves around the central protagonist Katie, and her new boyfriend Mark, with whom she is completely enamored. Her best friend Tessa, however, is not so trusting. This seems to be confirmed when a picture of Mark sleeping with another woman comes out, although more important is that the woman’s gone missing after the encounter.

Still, it’s obvious that there’s more to the story. It feels as though the book has a plot twist every few pages. These twists, however, always fall short of being truly shocking, thanks to a fair amount of foreshadowing and the switching of perspectives from Katie to Tessa to Mark that robs the story of some of the surprise. Despite this, the plot stays entertaining throughout, enough so that I read the whole book in a single sitting. The characters aren’t the absolute most original. They are engaging enough to be relatable and keep you interested in what they’re doing, but not particularly deep or memorable.

Overall, the writing and the plot keep this book interesting and fun throughout. I would most recommend this to anyone who feels that they aren’t reading as much as they probably should be, and can’t seem to get into a book that’s not for school. This easy and light hearted book is a perfect reintroduction into the magical world of reading.

-Jacob, Greenwood, Teen Adviser