The Future of Derby is Now

Seattle Derby BratsHave you heard rumblings about Rat City Rollergirls? Did you want to get involved somehow but felt you were too young? That’s why Seattle Derby Brats, Rat City’s junior roller derby team, exists: To bring competitive roller derby to younger generations and continue to build the sport.

Seattle Derby Brats’ New Skater Camp starts in July, but registration is already filling up fast. Here’s how you can find out how to register if you’d like to get involved: Seattle Derby Brats.

SDB provides a inclusive environment for teen girls. I can honestly say that the supportive and dedicated members of the derby community, skaters and adults alike, have changed my life for the better. I would encourage everyone to get involved in some way.

Seattle Derby Brats is the first league in the Seattle area (second junior league to be formed ever) and the largest junior league in the world, boasting over 100 skaters and four separate divisions, including four travel teams. First there are the Tootsy Rollers, ages 8-11 (maybe you have a little sister who’s interested?), who play only positional-blocking derby only, not full contact. The Tootsy division includes the teams Turquoise Terrors and Orange Crush, who play each other throughout the season, as well as a Tootsy All-Stars travel team. Division 1 plays a similar type of light contact derby, but is for teens ages 12-18, teaching them the foundations of derby until they are ready to move onto more competitive play. Division 1 is made up of two teams: the Poision Skid’les and the Evil Angles, as well as a positional-blocking travel team called the Interstellas. Division 2/B-Team is meant for more experienced skaters and play full-contact derby and is open to girls ages 12-18. The B-Team, called the Ultra Violets, travels to play other teams, but also splits in half for the girls to scrimmage each other during the season.

Lastly, there is is my team, the Galaxy Girls. This is SDB’s highly competitive, full-contact travel team. Currently, we are ranked 3rd in the Junior Roller Derby Association rankings (that’s worldwide!) and second in the North West region. The Ultra Violets are also ranked right behind us at 4th in the JRDA rankings.

Seattle is a very rich area for roller derby, specifically junior derby. Four of the top five ranked teams in the JRDA (including our Galaxy Girls and Ultra Violets) are from the Greater Seattle Area. Six of the top ten teams are from Washington State.

I guarantee that joining a junior derby league is a decision you will not regret.

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