Philosophy Class – questioning your surroundings is good for the soul

Philosophy Class Review



Philosophy…what does this word exactly mean? Well, it’s derived from the Greek roots Filo, meaning love, and Sofia, meaning wisdom. Thus creating the word φιλοσοφία (Philosophy), the love or pursuit of wisdom. I took this class at North Seattle Community College and initially it was just for the sake of earning the credit, but as the quarter progressed I grew to love the class and its mind boggling concepts. Philosophy 101 took a general view on various ideologies but ideally philosophy can be broken down to five specific branches:


  • Metaphysics: explores outside of physicality such as ideas and question about existence,
  • Epistemology: the theory of knowledge “What is Knowledge? Can I prove I have knowledge of anything?”,
  • Logic: reasoning and inference; a majority of people tend to have something called Dysrationalia which is when you’re unable to reasonably think through a situation or problem despite being an individual with a high I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient),
  • Ethics: Moral Dilemmas,
  • Aesthetics: questioning the benefits of experiences.

What I learned from this class was that questioning your surroundings is good for the soul. So many people live their whole lives looking down at their feet, that people rarely look up and investigate their surroundings. Philosophy isn’t about getting answers to these questions but exploring various outcomes.

I highly recommend that you take a philosophy course but if you cannot afford that then the next best thing is to turn to whatever resources you can get. A great underrated podcast I’ve been listening to is called Philosophize This!, hosted by Stephen West. It’s great for everyone including beginners.

Books of interest:

I already feel like I’ve made this post too long but if you’re not satisfied with these recommendations and want more you can visit which leads you to a list full of popular philosophical texts. Happy Philosophizing!

-Teen Blogger

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