Thirteen Reasons Why – Filled with suspense, good life lessons

Title: Thirteen Reasons WhyThirteen Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher

Summary: No one expected Hannah Baker’s death, but thirteen people would soon find out how their actions and words pushed Hannah off the edge. Clay Jensen is determined to listen to Hannah’s thirteen tapes to figure out her story, and why he is in it. These tapes show a side of Hannah that no one saw, and the truth about who she really was.

Gut Reaction: Filled with suspense, good life lessons.

I would give this book 8/10 stars because it was detailed and had a good plot, but was slow at times.

What I loved: I really liked how the book took the image of a perfect girl in high school and showed the reader that she has feelings and is just like everyone else.

Why: This book always keeps you guessing what will happen next and surprises you with each new tape. The characters are all distinct and have intriguing personalities that draw you in.

Websites of interest:

Thirteen Reasons Why website

-Afsara, Greenwood, Teen Adviser


2 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons Why – Filled with suspense, good life lessons

  1. Allie Arthur

    I appreciate how you added your own opinions into your review. I agree with how you said that she is just a girl who has feelings, because many people look past that in reality. I’ve also read this book and really enjoyed it! Do you have any other good book reccomendations like this book?

    1. Rae

      Hi Allie! Unfortunately, we are not posting new material at this time. The library has an amazing service called “Your Next 5.” Basically, you tell us what you like (or don’t like) to read, some authors you enjoy (or hate) and one of our librarians will create a personalized list of 5 books we think you’d enjoy. You can find the form to submit here: Thanks for reading and commenting!


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