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Four on a Theme: Clones

icon-books Clones have long been a science fiction staple, although for the most part they just provide cannon fodder – something for the heroes to shoot at, overcome, defeat.  In a way, they’re a lot like zombies.  But as we advance our knowledge of genetics and the science of cloning, cloning stories have become more interesting.  Here are four great teen novels about clones.
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Four on a Theme: Poetry

icon-books Here we are at the end of National Poetry Month, and we haven’t said a word about poetry, unless you count our guest posts from Pongo, the folks who help teens in trouble write their way out of the tight emotional spaces that keep them in trouble. More power to them!

If you’re in the mood for a novel though, you might want to try one of these four books written in verse. Continue reading

Four on a Theme: Man's Best Friend

icon-books It is easy to recall and look back fondly at all those childhood classics containing dogs: Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, and Sounder just to name a few. There is something that makes readers gravitate towards tales that include that connection between child and dog. However, this connection is not lost in teen literature. The following four books contain characters that rely on their dogs for companionship when all else seems lost.
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Four on a Theme: Leaving Something Behind

icon-books In the following four books you get to know characters posthumously through objects they left behind for the living. The recipients of these items not only unlock more information surrounding the person that passed on, but also discover more about the surviving.  Continue reading

Four on a Theme: Summer After Senior Year Road Trip

icon-books The summer after the senior of high school can be a tumultuous time. You may be looking forward to college, starting a new job, traveling, or just figuring out what’s up next in the queue of life. With all this forward thinking, there is still a reverence for the past, to spending some last days with friends and family before parting ways. In the following four books these recent graduates decide to spend their summers on the open road with some familiar friends before the next step begins. Continue reading

Four on a Theme: Teens and Mental Illness

icon-books From Seattle to Stockholm, these books explore the interactions between teens and mental illness.  Featuring books  about teens with  mental illness and teens with mentally ill family members, these books are fundamentally about how mental illness changes what it means to be a teenager. Continue reading

Four on a Theme: Loss of a Sibling

The passing of a loved one is always difficult, and in the following four books characters must face the loss of a sibling. Each chooses to grieve in a different way: from embarking on road trips to composing a journal filled with famous (and not so famous) last words. No matter what, by dealing with death, these characters ultimately learn how to live.
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