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No-Stress Zone: Various Methods to Study!

tumblr_nc1i84GbMa1simvvzo1_500hobbithomework Hello fellow students!

Welcome to another post of The No-Stress Zone! In the previous post, you took a quiz to determine which type of learner you are: Auditory, Visual, or Kinesthetic. In this post, I will share some studying tips and techniques based on your learning type in order to help you all get the most of your studying and do better on your school assignments! Continue reading

No-Stress Zone: What type of learner are you?

attention Welcome back to The No-Stress Zone! Today, I have a quiz for you that can determine what type of learner you are. Dont worry, there are no right or wrong answers for this quiz! All you have to do is answer the questions based on your personal learning experiences and habits. The reason for taking this quiz is to help determine the best methods for studying that may help you better prepare for exams, tests, quizzes, etc.!
To take this completely free quiz that takes less than 5 minutes, simply go to this awesome website.
I hope you enjoy this quiz 🙂

Thank you for reading another post from The No-Stress Zone! Please come back again for some more tips and advice on how to reduce and even prevent stress!

–advice from Mia, West Seattle Branch

No-Stress Zone: Final Tips and Advice for Organization

studycat Hello students! Welcome back to The No-Stress Zone!

In the last couple of posts, I’ve given you all some suggestions how to organize your school papers into binders/folders, how to organize those binders/folders into your school bag or backpack, and how to organize your homework and study hub a.k.a. your desk or wherever your choose to study and do homework.

In this post, I will be signing off these organizational tips with some final tips and advice. Continue reading

No-Stress Zone: Desk Transformations

spongebobhomework Welcome back to The No-Stress Zone! In the last two posts, I’ve suggested some ways to better organize your school papers in binders and/or folders (depending on your or your teacher’s personal preferences) and how to choose the right school bag or backpack for you and how to organize to find what you need, when you need it.
In this post, I’m going to suggest some ways to organize your homework and study hub a.k.a. your desk. Continue reading

The No-Stress Zone: Organizational Methods, Tips, and Advice for Your School Bag!

waitthehomeworkWelcome back to The No-Stress Zone! Today I will be helping you organize something that is a necessity for school: your school bag.

Whether you carry a regular two-strap backpack, a messenger bag, or a tote bag, keeping your school bag organized and as clutter free as possible will help you quickly find a pencil for when your science teacher surprises you with a pop quiz, keep your money your safe for when you wanna buy a quick bagel before school, or help you find the book report you spent almost two weeks slaving over.
Continue reading

The No-Stress Zone: Organization Methods, Tips, and Advice


Hi students, teachers, and parents! I welcome you to the first official post in The No-Stress Zone blog series, in which I offer middle and high school students advice, methods, and tricks to prevent stress before it’s caused and help reduce stress when it’s caused.

I will begin with some methods and tips on a particular subject that almost every teacher emphasizes numerous times throughout the school year: organization. Although there are students who are able to get their school work done and maintain good grades even if they have a somewhat messy binder or backpack, there are students who are not able to do that. Have no fear, because I have a couple of ways of organizing your school papers! Continue reading

Yoga for Teens: Beyond Flexibility

yoga for teensYoga for Teens:
Beyond Flexibility

Everyone has heard about yoga and what it does for your flexibility.  But this
ancient Indian art can do much more than simply make your muscles stretchier.

Here are just a few ways yoga can improve life for a teenager:

1. Posture
It’s common for teenagers to have problems with bad posture, probably resulting from the unfortunate combination of growth spurts and late nights slumped in front of the computer.  Yoga is a great way to counteract those slouching tendencies.  Many yoga poses target tension the chest, shoulders, and neck, which are problem areas for people with bad posture.  Yoga also focuses on aligning and balancing the spine with other parts of the body, which naturally helps you sit up a little straighter at the dinner table.

2. Creativity
When you’re busy keeping up with schoolwork and studying for SATs, it’s hard to keep in touch with your creative side.  Practicing yoga enhances focus and helps to clear the mind of the loud distractions in the world that can prevent us from paying attention to the things we are passionate about.  Yoga creates space in the brain for creative juices to flow.

3. Strength
This one goes out to all of you fellow athletes out there.  If you’re training on a sports team or just looking to enhance your physical strength for personal reasons, yoga is one way to go about doing so.  When practiced regularly, yoga stretches can increase your muscular endurance and make you stronger over longer periods of time.

4. Sleep
Between getting up early for school in the morning and staying up late doing homework, the average teen spends their school days either religiously patronizing the neighborhood Starbucks or lumbering through the halls in a zombie-like fashion.  Practicing yoga might just help fix your sleep schedule.   Studies have shown that yoga can improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night.

5. Stress
Yoga is a huge stress reliever and a booster for spirituality.  I attended a yoga class during finals week last semester and walked away feeling happier and more relaxed than I thought was possible.

While yoga may not magically erase all the bad and scary things about your life, it is much easier for you to peacefully accept their existence once you step off the mat.  This is a mindset that you will benefit from in all aspects of your busy and stressful teenage life.

–Hannah, 16, Greenwood