You can subscribe to Push to Talk’s Feed so that you’ll know every time a new review, list or article has been added. If you’re already familiar with subscribing to to RSS feeds, just look for the feed button at the bottom of our site, or paste this URL into your feed reader/aggregator:

If you’re new to all of this, not to worry: we can help! Similar to subscriptions to magazines or newspapers, RSS feeds enable you to subscribe to online content, helping you keep in step with the latest information by having it delivered to you automatically. Using RSS feeds through a feed aggregator (aka: news reader or notifier), you will be able to see the latest postings from various websites or blogs in one place at your convenience.

To get started, you may want to set up an account with a feed aggregator. There are many available, including popular web-based aggregators such as feedly, NewsBlur, Digg, or incorporated into internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Intenet Explorer. Once you’ve set up an account with a feed aggregator, it will have its own instructions for how to subscribe to feeds, but the process is usually as easy as entering that feed’s URL in the reader’s subscribe text box. The URL for Push to Talk’s feed is:

Copy & paste this URL into your feed aggregator and see what happens. Once you’ve subscribed, try visiting your favorite sites and blogs to see if they have a feed you can subscribe to. Just look for the RSS icon: that little orange box thingy up above. If this isn’t working, or if you still have questions, just drop your local librarian a line – we’re happy to help!

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