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**All libary locations are closed today in observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day**


MLK Day of Service.  MLK Day Activities.  MLK, Jr. @ the library.

What we said about MLK, Jr. Day last year.



  A Message & A Cause!

speak up youth pngDo you have a message that’s meaningful to you or a cause that you want to champion?

Maybe you’re passionate about social justice issues such as LGBTQ student rights, women’s rights, immigration reform, racial justice, gender representation in the media and more.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the environmental issues such as fracking, access to clean water and food, climate change, etc.

seattle  png

It could be that you’re more focused on local issues such as Seattle’s minimum wage, SPD reform, high school dropout rates in Seattle, Duamish River cleanup, etc.


Put Your Passion Into Action

Whatever it is that matters to you, we want to help you translate your passion into action.

With the help of the awesome youth-led Seattle organization, PugetSoundOff, the University Branch, the Greenwood Branch, and the Queen Anne Branch are all offering the FREE workshop, Artivism 101.

During this workshop, you’ll identify an issue that you care about, you’ll take a photo of something to represent your cause (cameras are provided), and instructors will teach you PhotoShop so that you can edit your photo and overlay your message.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in activism, make art that matters, and have fun while creating something meaningful with other Seattle teens.

Oh, and did I mention that there will be PIZZA?!

These workshops are for teens, 11 and up.


University Branch: Thursday, 7/10 @12noon – 5:45pm
Greenwood Branch: Saturday, 7/12 @11-5
Queen Anne Branch: Wednesdays, 8/6 & 8/13 @2-5

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Happy Earth Day!

Do something good for the planet today (or this month!), it’s Earth Day!

NASA is calling for a pic of you on Planet Earth. Post your photo to Twitter, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie, or post it to the groups at #GlobalSelfie on FB or the #GlobalSelfie on Flickr. You can also join the #GlobalSelfie at Google+. NASA will patch them all together and make a vid…check out last year’s highlights of Earth!


Here’s some fun Earth Facts from Trish, a mom-blogger. 🙂

Are you doing anything locally? Planted a tree? Encouraged recycling? Reduced your carbon footprint? Read a book (hey, it counts, and we’ve got lots)? Conserved water by fewer showers (my personal fave, lol)? Give us a shout-out and pic…we’ll give you full props and share your idea! 🙂


Go Team Earth!

Learning to go from Me to We: We Day 2013​

We DayMarch 27 was a fantastic day in history: March Madness was born in 1939, Thomas Jefferson was elected into the Continental Congress in 1775, and Japanese cherry trees were planted along the Potomac in 1912.  However, in Seattle, Washington, in 2013, We Day was held for the first time in the United States.  At 8:00 in the morning, elementary, middle, and high school aged kids from around the country flocked to Key Arena to see musicians, celebrities, and motivational speakers on stage.  We Day is more than a one-day event; it is a movement spread by young people that we can make a difference in the world.

We Day is orchestrated by Free the Children, a global organization started by Craig Kielburger, who started Free the Children when he was just twelve years old.  He was inspired by a story he read in the newspaper about a boy named Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani child sold to a carpet looming factory when he was only four years old.  The price of this child: $12.  He worked countless hours in the factory tying knot after knot in order to pay off a debt his parents owed.  When Iqbal was 10, he escaped from the factory and began to speak out against the injustices of child labor.  But on Easter Sunday in 1995, when Iqbal was riding his bike with his cousins, he was fatally shot by the owners of the carpet factory. Continue reading

Teen Feed & our own Josie!

Today we want to celebrate Josie from the University Branch for being the Community Partner of the Year with Teen Feed.

Josie’s response:  Thanks so much!  I do outreach on a monthly basis with Teen Feed.  We go out into the community and take food to homeless/street teens (which Teen Feed provides, Paige always brings in treats too).  I always go with a Teen Feed staff member, usually Andrew Brown and a Teen Feed peer intern.  This is one of the best outreach opportunities for the library because I answer a lot of reference questions and connect teens to other services in the U-District and Downtown.  About 40% of the teens I see are new and so I get to talk about library services, mostly the internet, Wi-Fi and uncataloged books.  The rest of the teens are regular patrons and so I get to talk with them about their life and make connections.  The outreach that I do with Teen Feed, Sanctuary Arts Center and the University District Youth Center really affects the teens’ attitudes while they are in the library.  For example,  when we have to enforce the rules of conduct, the teens don’t suspect we are targeting them because they are homeless, and for the most part comply. 🙂

Sounds like a win-win-win to us here at Push to Talk.  Making community connections, teaching people, and sharing resources is what the library is all about.

Teen Feed is always looking for volunteers and advocates to spread the word.  You can find out how (and more information besides) on their website.

Keep up the good work, Teen Feed & Josie!

If you know of an awesome community partner (or librarian!) in your neighborhood, let us know.  We’d love to shine the spotlight on them, too.  🙂


One World Now


One World Now is a non-profit organization that teaches students critical languages and leadership skills. The program teaches Arabic and Chinese two days a week depending on what level of the language you are on. On Fridays most students attend leadership; students spend leadership talking about social justice issues that affect our community from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the Makah Indian tribe not being able to go whale hunting.

I woould highly recomend it to any student who wants to make a difference in the world tomorrow.

One World Now!

One World Now! Program

One World Now! Board

Interview with Kristin Hayden, founder