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Horror Clichés in Books and Movies

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is just one of the many horror clichés that make the genre so great. So without further ado, here are the 5 best horror movies in isolated places.



The Shining: Truly Stephen King at his best, a struggling family takes a job as the winter caretakers for an isolated hotel in the mountains. But as Danny (the son) begins to see violent flashbacks from the hotel’s past and his father continues to become more and more deranged from forces inside its walls, Danny’s “shining” may be the only thing that can save him and his mother.  The Shining (movie)




large_MIsery_Book_CoverMisery: More Stephen King, I know, but both movies (and books!) completely deserve a place on the list. Paul Sheldon, a famous author, crashes his car near a deserted town. He is “rescued” by his #1 fan, Annie Wilkes (a former nurse), and brought back to her isolated home in the mountains. When he wakes, seriously injured and missing to the rest of the world, he finds that his rescuer has turned into his kidnapper, and that she is completely unstable. He is completely at her mercy, and when she finds out that Paul has killed off the heroine of his stories (Annie’s favorite), she forces him to write a new novel, and if it isn’t exactly how she wants it, who knows what she’ll do…Misery (movie)



the-evil-dead-posterEvil Dead: Both the original and the current remake deserve a spot on this list, and since they have pretty much the same plot, they’ll count as one. The plot: five friends travel up to an isolated cabin in the woods on a vacation. There they find the Book of the Dead and accidentally unleash an evil force upon themselves, determined to kill every last one of them. Original: An extremely low-budget movie made by first time director Sam Raimi that was by far one of the best “cabin in the woods” movies ever made. For those of you who don’t appreciate cheap effects and old cinematography, don’t worry, there’s a remake.  Remake: While the original was extremely low-budget for effects and whatnot, the remake was most definitely not. The effects are incredible, but very gory. The violence often overshadows the plot line, and it’s another remake that doesn’t live up to the original.



Blair Witch Project: This movie is a lot scarier if you watch it in a tent in the middle of the night as I did (big mistake), but no matter where or when you watch it, it’s still a great movie. Three film students go into a forest alone while making a documentary about the urban legend of the “Blair Witch”. They were never seen again. Only their footage remains to show what really happened.




alienAlien: Everyone has heard the quote: In space, no one can hear you scream.  And it just adds to the whole isolation thing. I mean, what’s more remote than outer space? Anyway, the crew of a commercial spaceship awakened by an SOS from a distant planet. A crew member goes to investigate, and finds thousands of alien eggs. One of the parasites inside attacks him as he inspects it. They take back off for earth and the parasite dies, but what they don’t realize is that an alien is growing in the host, and when it’s ready to come out, no one on board is safe.


–Corinna, Greenwood, Teen Blogger


Teen Reviewed: The True Meaning of Smekday​

Title:  The True Meaning of Smekday True Meaning of Smekday

Author: Adam Rex

Summary: The year is 2013, and Earth has been invaded and conquered by aliens. 11.5 year old Gratuity Tucci (or “Tip” for short) is left with no one but her cat Pig after her mother gets abducted by the aliens.  She sets out for Florida to try to find her mom, and along the way she forms an unlikely friendship with an alien named J.Lo.  These two are thrown into a hilarious and witty adventure that involves flying cars, animals called koobish, and lots of cats as they do their best to save the world.

I started reading it because it was recommended to me by one of my teachers.

I kept reading because it was fast-paced, funny, and I grew very fond of the characters. I never stopped laughing, and I always wanted to know what happened next.

If Tip was in a yearbook, she would be voted “Most Likely to Change the World and Not Take Any Credit for it.” If J.Lo was in a yearbook, he would be voted “Worst Driver” or “Most Likely to Eat a Urinal Deodorizer.”

This book reminded me of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because it is quick-witted and funny.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes to laugh.  A fun read that will bring a smile to your face no matter how old you are.  😀

–Hannah, 16, Greenwood


Teen Review: I Am Number Four

Summary: The story is about a guy named John Smith, the is 15 years old alien from planet Lorien, he has a guardian Cêpan named Henri.  They are running from the Mogadorians which is another alien race that is hunting John and eight other teenagers on planet Earth.  These nine teens are in a group called Garde and it is a group of Loric people with special powers called Legacies.  The teens are under a spell that allows them to be killed only in numeric order.  Number One through Number Three have been killed and now they are targeting Number Four, John Smith.  John and Henri run away from the Mogadorians.  John attends a local high school where he meets this girl Sarah Hart and things got complicated.  Who knows if John and Henri survive or John dies and the Mogadorians are next after Number Five and then wiping out the Lorien?
I started reading it because people were recommending this book to me and when I read the summary I got excited and started reading the book.
I kept reading because the book was really good… I was hooked into the book and I couldn’t stop reading it.
Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To: Be The World’s First Superman.
Six Word Recap: John’s journey to run from Mogadorians.
This book reminded me of how some families have to run away from their houses/land or places that they live in because of people trying to conquer or take their land.  The people that ran away have a hard time surviving and trying to find a place to live.  In some places the government can force families or people to move out, and it could destroy their life.
Websites of interest: I Am Number Four Fans
Khoa, Delridge Teen Blogger

Four on a Theme: Teens and Aliens

Teens and aliens go hand in hand, right? Middle school and high school might seem as strange as another planet, and sometimes just being a teenager can feel like like you’ve come from outer space. Here are four great books with teens and aliens. Sometimes the teens are the aliens, and sometimes they are just being visited.  It can be hard to tell who’s who!
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