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We Were Liars: Wealthy Amnesiac Liar Seeks the Truth

wewereliarsTItle: We Were Liars

Author: E. Lockhart

Six Word Review: Wealthy Amnesiac Liar Seeks The Truth

Summary: During the summer, Cady lives on a private island owned by her family. She is a Sinclair, a mantra drilled into all members of the family from the day they were born. Sinclairs have blond hair and square jaws, they are ambitious and driven, and most of all, they are normal. But they lie. Cady tries to be normal and fit in with her family, but her severe migraines that developed after a mysterious head trauma two summers ago make it difficult to remember exactly what happened. Whatever it was, she knows it was awful, but no one will tell her the truth. When the story takes place, she is 17 and her parents have finally allowed her to return to the island after keeping her away the previous summer. With the help of her two cousins and a family friend (a group she nicknames the “Liars”), she sets out to remember her past, however terrible the truth may be.

I liked the lyrical descriptions of the island and Cady’s eccentric family members.

I hated how sometimes the story would be written in straightforward, first person prose and then suddenly
with no explanation
it would be
like this
with punctuation…

I rate this book 6.5/10 stars, because the suspense kept me interested and I liked the unexpected twist but I really got annoyed by the random poetry thrown in.

I kept reading because there was a ton of suspense built up and I really wanted to see what dreadful thing had happened to Cady that she couldn’t remember.

Anything else? There is a surprise ending! The entire book basically builds up to the last few chapters. When I found out the truth, everything fell into place but I was still left with some unanswered questions. I liked that this book kept me guessing and really made me think.

— Gabriella, Ballard Teen Blogger

We Were Liars – Summer story with an agonizing twist

wewereliarsTitle:  We Were Liars

Author:  E. Lockhart

Summary:  Cadence Sinclair has a perfect family.  So perfect, in fact, that when something goes wrong, the unspoken rule is to smile and pretend it never happened.  Then one summer, during her annual stay with her aunts and cousins on her rich grandfather’s private island, Cadence has an accident that causes her to have serious amnesia.  She returns to the island two summers later, but nobody will tell her the circumstances of the incident on the doctor’s orders that it will be better for her to rediscover what happened by herself.  Cadence struggles to reconnect with her family and best friends – her cousins and love interest, Gat – while we as readers are slowly immersed into the complicated, not-so-perfect world of the Sinclairs and, as time goes on, the details of that fateful summer begin to return to Cadence’s mind.

I started reading it because it was recommended to me.

I kept reading because I enjoyed learning about the intricacies and strained relationships of the Sinclair family and I loved reading about the vivid descriptions of Cadence’s friendships with her cousins and the growth of her relationship with Gat. The writing style was also very interesting and unconventional with charming pockets of line breaks and poetic language.

If Cadence was in a yearbook, she would be voted:  “Best Friend.”

Six word summary:  Summer story with an agonizing twist.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading fun chick flicks and then UNEXPECTEDLY GETTING THEIR HEART TORN INTO TINY SHREDS BY TALONS OF PAIN.

–Hannah, 16, Greenwood


Teen Review: The Maze Runner

Maze RunnerTitle: The Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

I just finished The Maze Runner, and all I can say is that it’s a must-read. If, when you were younger, you read The City of Ember it’s similar to that…except rather than being locked in an underground city you’re with a group of people stuck in a maze. Everyone is assigned to different jobs within their community and all they really want is to find a way out. To find a way out without getting stung and killed by the crazy slug-like hybrid beasts called the Grievers.

This book leaves you with so many questions; you really relate to the protagonist, Thomas, because neither of you have a clue what is going on, due to the  fact that all the kids who wind up in the Maze have no recollection of who they are and where they came from or what’s going on in the world.

If you’re looking for a suspenseful thriller this book is highly recommended.

Sophie, Columbia Teen Advisory Group (TAG) Blogger

Book Shorts: Still Waters

Still Waters

Still Waters

Title:  Still Waters

Author:  Emma Carlson Berne

Summary: When seventeen-year-old Hannah and her eighteen-year-old boyfriend sneak off to a broken-down old cottage at a deserted lake for the weekend, things do not go at all as planned.

I started reading it because… The cover looked interesting and it was short.

I kept reading because… I wanted to find out what happened to the characters.

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To:  Succeed. Or Kill Someone.

Six Word Recap:  Creepy lake house sparks murderous memories.

This book reminded me of The Blair Witch Project because… the woods surrounding the lake house were seemingly inescapable and creepy.