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Teen Reviewed: Death Cloud

Death CloudTitle:  Death Cloud

Author:  Andy Lane

Summary: This book is about Sherlock Holmes and his adventures.  It starts in the summer of 1868, and he is fourteen.  During the summer, he is shipped off to stay with his uncle and aunt in Hampstead.  While there, two people die from mysterious symptoms, and Holmes gets suspicious and starts investigating.  Helped by his new tutor Amyus Crowe.  Together, they discover the evil plan a brilliant villain has created and they fight to rescue everyone.  The long journey of Sherlock Holmes is crazy and scary.

Gut reaction: A fun read, there is a mystery on every single page, and it’s very fascinating.

Why:  I read this book because my friend recommended to me, he said it was a good book, and he is enjoying it.  I didn’t stop reading it because it was very mysterious and you don’t want to stop reading it. You will want to find out the ending of the book no matter what.

Who would like this book: This book is amazing. Anyone that likes action books and a lot of crazy jammed-packed stuff and I recommend reading this book.  It will grab you and pull you into the book.  There is no word to describe the amazingness put into this book.  I recommend reading this book because it will blow your mind.

–Khoa, Delridge Teen Blogger