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Test Season

Once again, we have reached that oh-so-special time of the year, of spring, and sun, and flowers, and not getting to enjoy any of it because we’re stuck inside studying for exams. AP, IB, SAT, ACT, SAT,  Subject tests . . .  all conspiring against us ever having any time to ourselves to enjoy the wonderfully dreary and wet springtime for which our city is famous. This is my set of suggestions for surving exam month. Continue reading

These AP Tests are Making Me Crazy

A battered up copy of Princeton Review’s “Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam” currently sits on my lap under this laptop. Opening the review guide exposes my eyes yet again to the pages and pages of seizure-inducing colors sprawled on random chunks of text. I’m sure I would’ve gotten a seizure if it wasn’t for the fact that my eyes have probably evolved and become accustomed to the same neon shine of the colors I’ve been staring at for the past week. Studying for the AP U.S. History test is not fun. Continue reading