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Spilled Ink: Today @ Ballard

low res spilled ink

Live music! Art! Literature! Videos!

Ballard Branch Teen Advisors and Ballard High School Ink Club invite you Spilled Ink, a community celebration of fresh artwork in many guises from INK Magazine, Ballard High School’s online journal.

Where? The Ballard Branch 

When? Today Saturday May 2nd @ 6-8 p.m. (You’ll get to be in the library after hours! The Ballard Branch closes at 6 p.m. and will re-open especially for Spilled Ink attendees. )

This event will showcase student works including art and photography, along with a screening of student-produced videos at 6:30 p.m. Live music and spoken word will be performed throughout the evening by local artists Roy Street, Golden Years, Dragon & Android, Ternbern Quertet, Eli Goldberg, Noah Forslun and Sophia Hermann.

There will also be a ukulele jam with members of the Ballard Ukulele Club that all are welcome to join. Players are invited to bring their own instrument to the jam, or play one of the limited number of ukuleles that will be available.

For more info call the Ballard Branch @ 206-684-4089


Ballard HS Art Show “Spilled Ink” @ Ballard Library!

The Ballard High School Art Show, “Spilled Ink,” is on display at the Ballard Library until next Saturday, May 10th.

Spilled Ink: Ballard High School Music and Art Night

Saturday, May 3, 2014, 6 – 9 p.m.

Live music! Art! Literature! You are invited to Ballard for an after-hours music and art night.

For the past seven years, the Ballard Branch has hosted the Ballard High School Art Show. This year, the branch’s Teen Advisers have transformed it into a show for INK Magazine, Ballard High School’s annual art and literary journal.

Enjoy art, literature and a night of live music including: Golden Years, No Not Really, Yellow Peril, the Ballard Ukelele Club and Ghetto Blaster.

Here is a not quite definitive list of Ballard High Students whose work has contributed to this show, please encourage them to come see their work:

Visual Artists: Amedeo Alberio, Emily Alexander, Isabelle Bennett, Moira Boszko, Annabelle Bowman Mohn, Sophie Chace, Spencer Chandler, Nigel Gardiner, Jessica Gislason, Ellen Heile, Kendra Johnson, Delaney Kirchmeier,  Catie, Knauerhase, Alicia Ledgerwood, Chelsea Leingang, Naomi Moore, Mallery Perry, Lauren Peterson, Cami Pierson, Leo Rauf, Chloe Soejime, Stella Sohl, Tashi Tsering, Hannah Tyler, Alan Will and two anonymous artists.

Musicians: Ballard Ukulele Club members, Sean Adair, Noah Forslund, Ian Gwin, Jack Taylor, and some surprise guests.

Writers: Emily Alexander, Eliot Bailey, Sanuye Ford, Catie Knauerhase, Taylr Scott.

Ballard Library Teen Advisors:  Greta Rainbow, Cami Pierson, Zoe Mitchell,  Maddy Hallett, Vegas Storm, Maddy Brown, Ailsa Hendry, Forrest Hsu, Maya Franklin, Gianna Barbadillo,  Tony Cooper, Tyler Robbins-Lindford.

Brought to you by Ink Magazine, Jeff Calderwood, Advisor & Cami Pierson, Editor & Ballard Library Teen Advisors.

For more information contact Lynn Miller, Teen Services Librarian, Ballard Library.


Ballard Branch Features Student Art​

Remy Robin yellow peril urbanBe inspired by new work!

Charcoal, ink, acrylic, graphite pencil, digital and film photography: a few of the mediums used by Ballard High School students currently on display at their local library.  The only guideline for the artists is to exhibit their best work, whether it is a pencil sketch or saturated digital photograph. 

The Ballard Branch is featuring this wide array of composition from late April to May 18, with a reception on Saturday, May 11.  In conjunction with the Ballard Art Walk, the library is open to the public from 6pm – 9pm for its seventh annual celebration of the ambitious teen artists.

The library is also screening Ballard students’ award winning short films, playing pre-recorded songs from the high school’s music department and, of course, showing off the visual art.

Greta, Ballard Teen Blogger

Ballard HS Student Art Show

Ballard Art Show

Enjoy fresh, original art from the Sixth Annual Ballard High School Student Art Show! Teens have created art with a wide range of materials, displayed by paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics and printmaking.

Come by during the Artist’s Reception at the Ballard Branch on Saturday, May 12 at 6 p.m. — you can soak in the creativity of up-and-coming art, leave a note to share your thoughts with the artists and even meet the artists themselves!

The art show will be on display until Saturday, May 19 at the Ballard Branch.

To learn more you can Ask a Librarian or call the Ballard Branch @ 206-684-4089.

Theater Review: Ballard High's "Is He Dead?"

In mid-October, I saw the play Is He Dead? with a couple of my friends, and it was probably one of the best plays I have seen. This community play was probably as good as something you would see on Broadway, right in your very own neighborhood. Is He Dead? is a comedy by Mark Twain, and this production was directed by Shawn M. Riley. It’s quite a popular play but was very well done by the people who worked very hard on it.

The play is about Jean Francois Millet, a painter with debts to pay a greedy banker.  It is set in the 1800s. Millet was never a popular painter but when he must pay his debt soon, his friends help him and think of a plan so they “kill” him. That’s the thing with painters at that time. They are only recognized after death. Although Millet isn’t really dead, just pretending, he must hide himself from the public by dressing himself as his “sister”. Now that Millet is “dead,” he becomes very famous. Hundreds of rich people come into his shop offering large amounts of money for his paintings. But there is one problem. Actually, a couple. First, Millet is not very good at disguising his voice and keeping all his lies together. And there’s also the fact that now that Millet (disguised as his sister) is rich, the greedy banker wants to marry him, AND also Millet’s girlfiend’s friend is suspicious about “Millet’s sister.”

There’s really not much I can say. The costumes were great, the acting was great, everything was great.

 Is He Dead? ever comes to your neighborhood, don’t wait.  In the meantime, you can check out the library’s copy of the play itself or a graphic novel based on the play.

–Navya , 14, Teen Center Advisor

Fresh Art from Ballard High at the Ballard Branch

 Ballard High School has amazing artists and art teachers! A show of student art work is currently up at the Ballard Branch Library. There are over 250 original pieces on display throughout the library through Friday May 20th

Let’s hear from two of the nearly 40 artists whose original work is on display.  Nigel, Ballard High School junior, says:

My favorite subject is people. Whenever I see a hideously disfigured human stroll down the block I think “Man, I need to draw that!” When I am on a creative roll is when I feel most peaceful, yo.”

Another junior at Ballard, Bjorn, says:

“I like drawing monsters, but I wanna make them seem like they got their lives together. Like even though they monsters, they’re not hidin’ under some basement stairs”.

This Saturday, May 14th from 6 -9 pm the Ballard Branch Library will stay open late as part of the Ballard Art Walk.   Everyone is invited to enjoy art, music, videos, and food – and admire the work of the wonderful artists who attend Ballard High.

This 5th annual Ballard High Student art show is a collaboration of the Ballard High Art Boosters and the Seattle Public Library – Ballard Branch.

Lynn M. /Ballard

Come to THE SHOWING!!!!

Come to The Showing on Friday, February 11 at Ballard High School!!! Tickets are $5. The Showing begins at 7 pm.

See the latest productions from the Ballard High School Video Production Program! Many productions screened at The Showing have gone on to win honors and awards at numerous film festivals. Included are short comedies and dramas, PSA, and commercials!


-Mack, 16

Teen Center Advisor

Teen Art at the Ballard Branch

Gina O’Neill, an art teacher at Ballard High, is collaborating with Jesten and Lynn, the Teen Services librarians at the Ballard Branch, to showcase student artwork. It is a great opportunity for library patrons to see artwork from local teens and for the artists to show their work.

Evan Philip and Pooja Viswanathan, both Ballard High students, are being featured for the next three weeks at the Ballard Branch. Evan and Pooja both have a number of amazing photos! Most of the photos are of local places so you will recognize them. I enjoyed learning how Evan and Pooja got into photography.

Come and take a look for yourself! You’ll be glad you did.

New Videos – Live Music – Fresh Art in Ballard

 Sunglasses by Lisa Harrylock

Lisa Harrylock, painter of Sunglasses and Ballard High student artist, says: 

I like art because it is ambiguous. It can be so many things and still be beautiful in the eye of the beholder…There is always room for improvement in art…The challenge brings out creativity in artists by forcing them to try new things they are less comfortable with.

Her art work and that of 28 other Ballard High School  students will be on display for the month of May throughout the Ballard Branch Library during regular open hours. 

You can also visit Ballard Branch during the Second Saturday Art Walk on May 9th,  6-9 pm.   The Ballard Branch Library will be open after hours! Award-winning student video productions will be shown – Ballard Jazz combo will play – and some of the freshest art will be on display.